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Service with a Smile!

This week, the 8th grade FACS students created Gourmet Dog Biscuits to donate to the Loudoun Animal Shelter.  These dog biscuits were made with love and smiles as part of our community service project.  This coming Saturday the biscuits will be donated to the animal shelter, where many awaiting animals will be happy to see them!  Below are a few pictures from our time in the kitchen baking these treats.

ImageImage ImageImage

The kids had a great time, and some of them even tried out our treats themselves!  YES! They are edible by humans (don’t worry) but they are a little crunchy…  :~)

Check back in on our page to see what else we are doing in the FACS classrooms…  Always something fun going on – and always a smile on our faces!  Here is to the great start of a new year! Thanks to all the sudents who worked so hard to make this a great service project!

~Mrs. Allen


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Julia Roberts would love to be a FACS teacher…

While scouring the internet for some fun and creative ideas to teach kitchen measurements, and food safety today, I came across an interesting article about Julia Roberts.

I have always loved Julia Roberts, and to see that her second career choice would be a FACS teacher kind of threw me for a loop….Really?  Julia a FACS teacher??? But you know, I bet she would be AMAZING at it!  The link to this article is from August of 2011, so it is a little late, but I am sure that this is NEW news to many (as it was to me) 

Check out the article HERE


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Learn to sew online???

I was browsing Pinterest the other night, and came across this post on Freckled Nest and came across an online Sewing Program.  


While we prefer to call our program Family and Consumer Sciences (which many people have no idea what that is), this “Home Ec” program that teaches you how to sew can be taken by anyone, and there are 27 projects that they make with you each that teaches different techniques in each…  While I have never completed their one line course, it looked pretty interesting…  you can read more about it HERE.

If you decide that you would like to take this sewing course online – I would love to hear your feedback about it.  I know that you can take sewing classes at Jo-ann’s, but for those who are always so busy and can hardly find time to eat a meal, and sleep at night, this might be a great on-line sewing class for you!  And if you are a 7th grader who is wanting to learn to sew and is not taking the 8th grade FACS classes here at school, this is your opportunity to learn some great techniques, all at your own pace.

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