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Comfort food

on October 17, 2013

We have come to an agreement here at school – WE LOVE COMFORT FOOD!  The warm and cozy feeling that it gives you – wanting to cuddle up under a blanket and sit by the fireplace while sipping on a cup of coffee or cocoa and maybe enjoying even a bowl of soup – One of my favorite soups on a cold fall afternoon is creamy potato cheddar soup.


One of my favorite recipes is from allrecipes.com The Absolutely Ultimate Potato Soup recipe is simply delicious.  With a chicken stock base and heavy cream to thicken it up- I love it!  Add a little cheese *sigh* LOVE!!!  Cook it down for hours to thicken it up, and it just keeps getting better!


potato soup

Photo credit: Allrecipes.com user: abapplez Spotsylvania, Virginia

In addition to the potato soup, we all agree that homemade hot cocoa is the BEST!  Now I have a friend who takes chocolate milk from the grocery store, and heats it on the stove, then just add a dollop of whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkle on top of it- Claiming it to be a secret recipe!  🙂  It is very good (especially when using fresh milk from the creamery, as it is so rich and thick)  And for goodness sakes – Trust me I am not counting calories on these foods, they are a “treat” to be consumed on an “occasional basis” not daily…  But they are so “Mmmm Mmmm Good”

The hot cocoa recipe that I love it also from Allrecipes.com (I always look for the highest rating recipes and then read the reviews about how people changed things and improved or changed it to their liking)  This Creamy Hot Cocoa recipe is delicious – But in taking advice from the reviews, I lessened the sugar that was added to it – It is VERY sweet when you make the original recipe, so less is better (in my opinion)  You can also make your own whipped cream, then grate some cinnamon on top for a little bit of color and flavor contrast



Photo Credit :  All recipes user: mominml from Moses Lake, Washington

So what are some of your favorite recipes  – We would love to hear from you – You can share them in the comments or paste a link in there as well.  We hope that you will try these recipes yourself at home, and be on the look out for some of the other fun things that we are doing in class – Coming soon – A healthy Halloween treat that all the little “ghouls” will love!


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