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Learn to sew online???

I was browsing Pinterest the other night, and came across this post on Freckled Nest and came across an online Sewing Program.  


While we prefer to call our program Family and Consumer Sciences (which many people have no idea what that is), this “Home Ec” program that teaches you how to sew can be taken by anyone, and there are 27 projects that they make with you each that teaches different techniques in each…  While I have never completed their one line course, it looked pretty interesting…  you can read more about it HERE.

If you decide that you would like to take this sewing course online – I would love to hear your feedback about it.  I know that you can take sewing classes at Jo-ann’s, but for those who are always so busy and can hardly find time to eat a meal, and sleep at night, this might be a great on-line sewing class for you!  And if you are a 7th grader who is wanting to learn to sew and is not taking the 8th grade FACS classes here at school, this is your opportunity to learn some great techniques, all at your own pace.

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Drinks to warm your belly!

In FACS4FUN yesterday we made homemade Hot Cocoa Mix.  This is a simple mix that is much better for you than the packaged envelopes of swiss miss, or Nestle Cocoa powders.  Plus it is MUCH less expensive, and contains much less sodium.  The following is the recipe of our DIY Hot Cocoa Mix




5 1/3 cup dry milk

1 cup baking cocoa

2 cups powdered sugar

1 cup powdered coffee Creamer

½ teaspoon salt


Whisk to mix well.  

Stir ¼ cup mix into 6 ounce cup of hot water, coffee or cold milk

 OPTIONS:  Add a dash of cinnamon, mini marshmallows, or a dash of vanilla extract

 Makes 1 – 7 ounce serving

 100 calories                      1.5 g. fat                     0 mg. Cholesterol

16 g. sugar                        4 g. protein                  65 mg. sodium

4% vitamin D                     12% Calcium                2% iron

I then started looking around and found a fun STRAWBERRY Hot Cocoa Mix at this blog – The picture below shows it layered in a jar ready for gift giving…  This would be a great gift for Valentine’s Day which is coming up!


If you have a favorite Hot cocoa that you would like to share, post the link in the comments, or type it out in the comments.  We would love to hear from you! 



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