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Creative sewing… What ideas do you have?

on May 12, 2011

With the start of our handsewing unit, we are looking at some creative ideas for sewing.  I came across a super cool recycling project that was created by Nancy Judd.  Nancy has created Recycle Runway, a super cool project that uses recycled materials to create clothing and accessories.  One of my favorite designs in the Jelly fish dress below.

Put plastic in the recycling bin, not the ocean!

Seabirds, sea turtles, fish, and marine mammals often ingest trash that they mistake for food. Sea turtles have been found to swallow plastic bags because the bags look like jellyfish, one of their favorite foods. Ingesting this debris can seriously harm marine life. Three of the top five types of marine litter are recyclable: plastic bottles, plastic bags, and cans.

Source: Environmental Protection Agency

You can see more examples of recycles clothing and designs at http://recyclerunway.com/

What kind of clothing would you create from recycled materials – Share your ideas and websites of pictures that you have found – We would love to hear your ideas and see examples of others work as well.


One response to “Creative sewing… What ideas do you have?

  1. Kim Hardee says:

    Love it!!!!

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