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Are you and Your Child getting enough sleep?

on May 2, 2011

As I sat in the dentist office last week, watching “The Dr.’s” while I was waiting, they were talking about the importance of sleep.  This is something that I discuss in class, and reiterate at home.

In today’s world, people are performing poorly on the job as well as in school due to their lack of sleep.  So what are some of the contributing factors that cause this problem.

1.  Failure to “disconnect” – People go to bed with their phone on the dresser next to them.  Many of these phones are internet abled and connected to their emails so that it gives a notice everytime a message comes in.  If the ringer is not turned OFF then it will disrupt your sleep during the night.  In addition to this, people are more likely to wake up in the middle of the night because they are doing one of the following…. “tweeting” that they cannot sleep, checking to see what time it is, posting to Facebook that they cannot sleep, or texting friends who should be in bed as well.  Fix this by not allowing phones to go to the bedroom – Turn them to silent even at night and check them in the morning, after you have showered and gotten dressed.  Children should not be texting at all hours of the night – have a place for them to check their phone in at night – One parent suggests that there be a basket on the kitchen counter and all things get dropped there at dinner time.

2. Taking your laptop to bed with you. – Your laptop should not be a cuddle bug item when you go to bed.  They brightness of the screen makes your mind think that you should be awake.  Electronic items should be turned off 2 HOURS before you head to bed to sleep.  Your mind needs time to wind down.  Instead of cuddling up with the computer, how about reading a book?  Listen to some relaxing music (not heavy metal and rap), do yoga, or some other relaxing exercise to clear your mind and get your body ready for rest.  FIX IT – have a sert place for computer usage.  When your brain thinks that the bedroom is where the computer can be used, your brain will not want to shut down.  A separate area for computer usage is key, even if it is in the den/TV room.

3.  Late night TV – Staying up late watching TV?  Most people have TiVO, or some other means of recording their favorite TV program, better yet – you can log on line to www.hulu.com and watch most of your favorite shows there for FREE, so there is no need to PAY for cable/satelitte/FIOS TV.  Record the late night programs and watch them the next day – Your sleep is much more important than any TV show that is on late at night. 

Many people do not have a set bedtime for themselves or their children and this negatively effect health, behavior, and productivity.  Consider having a set time that the TV goes off.  Disconnect from the internet, TV and video games and get to bed at a decent hour so that you are able to improve performance, and productivity as well as improving your overall health.  You will find that the world does still turn when ther is not internet and TV, and that there are many other FUN things to do outside your door, if you just venture out once in a while to take advantage of it.

Here’s to a good night’s sleep and an improved lifestyle!


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