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What will become of FACS???

on February 15, 2011

I had an interesting conversation with a colleague today about the “Future of FACS”…  Where are we going?  How can we get more 8th grade students involved???  Are we the dying program of the schools – I would hope not – I fight too hard to keep this program going…

Some points that were brought up…

  •  Gone are the days of measuring spices and spending hours in the kitchen cooking – Fewer people cook, more people are going out for dinner or using a microwave
  • Sewing is a skill that few people have – but that is necessary for clothing repair, as well as other repairs around the home.  EX:  I recently had a bedspread that had come apart on the seam – That comforter cost over $200 when I purchased it as a set – A few cents of thread and some sewing skills prevented me from having to purchase a new one.
  • Sewing is a something that is done at the dry cleaner – Many have the opinion that if it tears, rips or otherwise is “ruined” they will just get rid of it and go buy new – But this is a very costly option.  Learning basic sewing skills allows students to save a lot of money.
  • Childcare is a skill that all students should know about – whether it is for babysitting skills, or caring for their own children when they are older, and this skill is taught in FACS.
  • Money Management is not taught in any other classes in middle school, and if a student does not take the required Business classes in high school, they will never learn that skill – and don’t you think money management is important these days???

So is FACS important in middle school and 8th grade???  What are your thoughts on this?  Do you think 8th grade FACS is necessary and needed, or is it a thing of the past?  You know my opinion will be partial on this because I am passionate about the curriculum I teach and feel all students should be prepared for the “real world” outside.  But what do you think is necessary for students to learn in FACS?  What would make it more interesting for them to participate in the program?  How can we get the word out that FACS is an important part of a students’ development into becoming a responsible adult.


One response to “What will become of FACS???

  1. Kim Hardee says:

    How true that many people are just eating out or using the fast food drive thru and microwave boxed meals. This is one of the reasons of why there are so many young children with type 2 diabeties. No one at home is teaching the skills for our future generations.
    Childcare today is the TV, computer or texting on the phone. Where are the family values?
    Money management? Children today think money management is all about mom and dad just giving them what they want.
    FACS is just as important as the core. Without lifetime skills, what will our future generations be?

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