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More Cookie Recipes

on January 4, 2011

Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies (shared by Rouhan Ansari)


2 1/4 cups flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 cup softened butter (2 sticks)

3/4 cup granulated sugar

3/4 cup brown sugar

1 tsp. vanilla

2 large eggs

2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 cup chopped nuts


1.  Preheat oven to 375 degrees

2. Combine baking soda, flour, and salt in a medium bowl. 

3.  In a large bowl beat butter, sugar, brown sugar until creamy.  Add eggs (one at a time) beating well after each addition.

4. Gradually beat in flour mixture

5.  Stir in chocolate chips and nuts (IF DESIRED)

6.  Drop by rounded teaspoon onto an ungreased cookie sheet and bake for 9-11 mnutes or until golden brown.  Cool on cookie sheet for two minutes then transfer to a cooling rack.

SNOWBALLS (shared by Taylor Borup)


1 package oreo cookies

12 ounces cream cheese softened

20 ounces almond bark (melted)


1.  Crush one package (1 lb 4 oz) Oreo cookies with a rolling pin in a heavy ziplock bag, or in a food processor

2.  Mix in 12 ounces softened cream cheese

3.  Take a teaspoon full of mixture and roll into balls; freeze

4.  Dip in 18-20 ounces melted almond bark to coat.

5.  Place in the fridge to harden, then serve

CHRISTMAS EVE MICE (shared by Alessandra Caminiti)

3 jars maraschino cherries with stems on, drained and dried

1 bag candy melts (we used Wilton’s dark chocolate mint flavored)

1/2 cup sliced almonds

1 bag hershey kisses (I used dark chocolate), unwrapped

1 tube of red gel icing

Rinse maraschino cherries, drain thouroughly, and let dry on paper towels, turning often  The cherries must be completely dry or the chocolate will seize and get crumbly.  Gently melt candy melts in a double boiler until smooth, stirring often to prevent burning.  Dip dry cherries in melted chocolate to completely cover up to the stem.  Place on a lined cookie sheet.  immediately press on hershey kiss, flat side to the front of the dipped cherry, to form the head (the stem is the tail)  While chocolate is still warm, wedge two almond slices between the hershey kiss and cherry to form ears.  Let cool.  Use a toothpick to dab beady red eyes on either side of the hershey kiss with red gel icing.  Makes about 70-80 mice!  ENJOY!

Italian Christmas Cookies

1 cup butter, softened

2 cups sugar

3 eggs

1 carton (15 ounces) ricotta cheese

2 tsp. vanilla extract

4 cups all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon baking soda

In a mixing bowl , cream butter and sugar.  Add the eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition.  Beat in ricotta and vanilla. 

In a separate bowl, Combine flour salt and baking soda; gradually add them to the creamed mixture

Drop by teaspoonfuls 2 inches apart onto greased baking sheets.  Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes or until lightly browned.  remove to wire wracks to cool.

Italian Christmas Cookie Icing-

1/4 cup butter softened

3-4 tablespoons milk

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

colored sprinkles

In a mixing bowl, cream butter, sugar and vanilla.  add enough milk until frosting reaches spreading consistancy.  Fronst cooled cookies and immediately decorate with sprinkles.  Store in refrigerator.  yields 8 1/2 dozen

Dreamsicle Fudge (shared by Hailey Shaw)


3 cups sugar

1 1/2 sticks butter

2/3 cup cream

7 unces marshmallow cream

1 package vanilla chips

3 tsp. orange flavoring

12 drops yellow food coloring

9 drops red food coloring


Mix sugar, cream and butter in a heavy pan and boil until it reaches soft ball stage (about 5 minutes)  Add marshmallow cream and chips, mix well.  Add orange flavoring and food coloring. Stir.  Put in a greased 11x 13 pan and chill.

Cut into squares and serve.

Chocolate Butterscotch squares (submitted by Dylan Simmers)

1 cup sugar

1 cup light corn syrup

1 cup creamy peanut butter

6 cups rice krispies cereal

1- 12 ounce bag nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips

6 ounces butterscotch morsels

Stir together sugar and corn syrup and cook on medium high until bubbly.  Remove from heat and mix in 1 cup peanut butter.  Once completey combines stir in 6 cup s of rice krispies, spread in a greased 12 x 8 baking pan. 

In a microwave safe bowl, melt chocolate and butterscotch chips, stirring frequently.  Spread evenly over rice krisipies and place in the refrigerator until topping is hard.

MINT BROWNIES (submitted by Scott Stowell)


4 large eggs

2 cups sugar

1 cup all-purpose flour

1 cup cocoa

1 cup butter, melted

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoon peppermint extract

Mint Cream Frosting (see directions below)

3 (1-ounce) squares unsweetened chocolate

3 tablespoons butter


Beat eggs lightly with a wire whisk in a large bowl.  Add sugar and stir well

Combine flour and cocoa; gradually stir in egg mixture.  Str in 1 cup butter and flavorings.   Pour into greased 15x10x1 inch jelly-roll pan; bake at 350 for 15-18 minutes or until a wooden toothpick comes out clean.  Cool in pan on a wire rack.


1/4 cup butter

2 3/4 cup sifted powdered sugar

2-3 Tablespoons milk

1/2 tsp. peppermint extract

3-4 drops green food coloring

Beat butter at medium speed with an electric mixer; gradually add powdered sugar, beating mixture after each addition.  Add milk, and beat until mixture is spreading consistancy.  Stir in peppermint extract and food coloring.

Spread on cooled brownies

Freeze 15 minutes

Melt chocolate squares and 3 Tablespoons butter in a heavy saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly until melted.  Spread over frosting with a pstry bruch.  Refrigerate until firm, then cut and serve.



1 cup butter

3/4 cup sugar

3/4 cup brown sugar (tightly packed)

2 eggs

2 tsp. vanilla

1 tsp. salt

1 tsp. baking soda

2 1/4 cups flour

1 cup chocolate chips

Mix together butter, sugar, brown sugar with mixer.  Beat in eggs, add vanilla.

in a separate bowl mix salt, flour and baking soda together.  Gradually mix into the egg mixture.  Add chocolate chips and mix well

Refrigerate the dough for about an hour, then roll dough into 1 inch balls.  Place on baking sheet 2 inches apart and bake at 350 for 5-7 minutes until golden brown.


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