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on October 15, 2010

October is Hunger Awareness Month

While many of us think about what is going to be for dinner in the evening, or about the cookouts that we enjoy in the cooler fall months, we need to recognize that there are millions of people who go without food every day.  I found this list of things that we could do to support and celebrate Hunger Awareness month on eHow.  (clicking this link will show the same list as below)

There are many things you can do that can help people who regularly go without food, are starving and malnourished. In industrialized countries, many people waste food without thinking twice about it. Keep reading to learn about things that you can do to celebrate Hunger Awareness Month.

Instructions – these are things that you can do to help with those who are going hungry each day… a little bit can make a BIG difference.

  1. Remember not to waste food. Only prepare as much food as you are planning on eating. On the other hand, if you do make too much, eat the leftovers the next day.
  2. Learn the difference between physical hunger, emotional hunger and habitual hunger. We must eat when we are experiencing physical hunger, but when you are tempted to eat because of emotions or habit, try to find another activity to pass the time.
  3. Recognize that some people mistake hunger for thirst. Therefore, between meals, drink some water before you get a snack.
  4. Raise awareness about the problem of poverty and starvation. There are people in many areas of the world who are struggling just to survive. They rarely, if ever, have enough food to eat or clean water to drink. Tell your friends and family about the ways you are celebrating Hunger Awareness Month and trying to help.
  5. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Soup kitchens provide food to low income people for little or no cost. Being in this environment and helping out will help you become aware of how prevalent poverty and hunger really is. Another way you can help in your own community is to donate funds or canned goods to your local food bank.
  6. Find a reputable organization that helps feed starving people in other countries and donate money to them. Feel good about yourself for helping others and making a difference in the world.

Take time to support on of the causes in our local area.  There are many local food banks, consider donating to the food drive when it is taking place at school.  There are many volunteer opportunities out there if you just look for them.

What organizations in the local Loudoun area do you know of – Leave a comment about them, and let us know if you have helped there before.  If you have a contact name, leave that here as well so others can contact them to see if help is needed.  There are many local people who can use our help so let’s see what we can do to make a difference.


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