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Enriching the Lives of our FACS students


As you all come flocking back to us, we have many great things in store for you.

We never suggest that you play with your food, unless of course, you are making fun food animals like the sheep above. 

In addition to our regular 7th grade FACS curriculum, a co-curricular “FACS for Fun” has been designed to enrich many of the objectives, activities and projects completed in class.  Students will be notified of after school opportunities and will be allowed to attend on a “first come, first served” basis, depending on enrollment size.

FACS for FUN will meet on the first and third weeks of the month.  Some of the things we have planned for you include, cake decorating, science in the kitchen activities, child care food snacks and activities, and so much more.  We know how much you all love food, and this will give you better insight into what it is that we do in the 8th grade program of Teen Living.

We look forward to having you jion us, and will have information available to you to sign up for after school premission once all ducks have been put in a row.


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